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Home security for independent seniors

According to the data of the Continuous Household Survey, carried out by the INE, more than 850,000 people over 80 years of age currently live alone in Spain. Either because they are people who have been left alone because they are separated, their partner died or did not have a partner, or even because they simply want to preserve their independence. Spain is, like others in Europe, a country where, thanks to advances in medicine, improvements in diet, physical activity and other factors, there are more seniors than in other countries.

It is important then that these people who tend to depend on themselves, have a home that offers the best security conditions to avoid accidents. From burns and poisonings, to trips or falls that lead to health problems, even irreversible or even fatal.

How to have a safe home for the elderly

If you are an elderly person who lives alone or alone, it is important that you take into account the following tips.

Emergency numbers

Next to your mobile or landline, have a list of emergency phone numbers in case you need help. From 112, to your GP, to a close neighbor who can help you. As well as the telephones of relatives or close friends.

Security of your home

Check the condition of your doors and windows, that they are not damaged. If it is, ask a professional to repair or change them. Do not allow strangers to enter if you are alone or alone. If you are going to carry out any bank transaction, ask them to accompany you. Or if they make you an offer by phone, ask a family member or friend for information about it to detect fraud. Don't let them pressure you to donate or buy.

Avoid poisoning

Keep your medications in their original blister on hand to avoid mixing them. In addition, you can label each container with the correct dose. If in doubt, call your doctor or someone you trust.In the case of cleaning products, do not store them in recycled containers that were originally for human consumption to avoid ingesting them by accident. Also do not mix chemicals to avoid poisoning.

Fires and burns

If you cook, avoid letting loose clothing or sleeves rub against the flame. Replace those appliances in poor condition or that do not work well. Smoke detectors are a good option, especially if you forget something on the stove. Check the air conditioning and heating systems, the thermostat should be adjusted by a professional. Turn off any unused appliance when leaving a room.

Dangers in the bathroom

Special safety bars are a safe option in showers, as well as near the toilet. Rubber mats in the tub or shower will prevent slips and falls. If you need a special chair for the shower, it is preferable to standing for a long time and slipping.

Floors and rooms

Falls are serious at any age. It is not necessary to fall from a certain height to harm ourselves. It is enough to fall from one's own height to suffer a fracture. Having a special alarm that you can wear on your wrist or neck will be very useful. If the phone rings, don't rush to answer. Thus, you will avoid a very frequent type of fall. The bars and railings in the right places will help support, as well as adequate lighting of corridors, stairs and the house in general. Walking sticks are a good option. In this way, older people, instead of holding onto furniture, will have extra support. It is important to check the type of shoes, which must be rubber soled.

Porcelain floors to prevent falls

As we have seen, the type of floor is essential to avoid all types of trips and falls.Renovating your floors will not only breathe new life into your home, but you'll love spending time on a new home renovation project. And of course, it will offer safety to your walk and to your health. In Small Size We offer various types of high quality and beautiful floors, both for exterior and interior.

The Small Size 20mm it is highly durable, resistant to sunlight and ice. Its resistance to bending and breaking is high, in addition to requiring little maintenance. And the best of all: it is non-slip, which provides great security for older people. Get to know our range of special floors, our collections and applications on our website.