Natural Stone Porcelain Small Size 20mm


How to successfully integrate natural stone flooring into your project designs

The choice of Small Size 20mm porcelain tile offers all the necessary technical and durability guarantees without sacrificing the great aesthetic appeal of natural stone.

The variety of textures of the stone, board and its designs is one of the great aesthetic attractions of this material. Timeless and elegant, its designs blend perfectly in all kinds of outdoor and urban spaces. However, its great aesthetic beauty is not compensated on a technical level by the characteristics of the stone.

porcelain natural stone - Small Size 20mm

As a result, porcelain stoneware of 20mm of espesor, a material capaz de proporcionar las altas prestaciones técnicas requeridas en proyectos de obra pública y arquitectura urbana sin prescindir de diseños tan demandados como el granito, la pizarra o la clásica Pierre Bleue.

The Low Porosity of Porcelain Tiles

One of the great disadvantages when choosing a natural stone to pave spaces with porcelain floors Damp is its main enemy because it can appear easily and requires a costly sealing process.

natural stone porcelain slate - Small Size 20mm

The porcelain alternative Small Size 20mm, being totally compact, without open porosity and hardly any water absorption, make it a material with a high degree of impermeability and thermal insulation, with a water absorption of less than 0.2%.

Porcelain Tiles are easier to install than Natural Stone

The construction process for a project that includes natural stone takes considerably longer and costs much more. This is because of the inherent weight of natural stone and the added difficulty involved in handling this material, a problem that is solved by using Small Size porcelain tiles. Their small format and lightweight nature offer installation performance levels of between 35 and 40 m2/day.

natural stone urban pavement

The easy installation, versatility and modular nature of the pieces mean they can be perfectly adapted to suit any urban space, offering the option to easily and effectively create pathways, pavements, outdoor lanes, ramps and steps.

Natural Stone is difficult to repair

Another of the major disadvantages of natural stone is that this material is very difficult to repair or replace. Its porous nature means that its appearance, texture and resistance can very easily change over time. Unlike natural stone, Small Size porcelain tiles are highly resistant and do not deteriorate over time. They also offer entirely controlled colour fading and collections that do not go out of stock, essential for future expansions.

Duva sports facilities and Giravolta Restaurant - Felip Polar. Interior Design Studio
Duva sports facilities and Giravolta Restaurant - Felip Polar. Interior Design Studio

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