Safe terraces and swimming pools with the best non-slip outdoor paving material

Modern construction and renovation projects focus on providing functionality to such spaces as terraces, patios and swimming pools, and their success lies in choosing a safe and hygienic outdoor paving material

Recent months have produced a before and after in how we spend time at home. This period has provided an opportunity for in-depth analysis of the functionality and shortcomings of certain spaces, with terraces, patios and swimming pools gaining incredible value.

Safe Terraces and Pools from the Hand of the Best Non-slip Outdoor Pavement

Materials such as 20MM Small Size porcelain are ranked as the best outdoor flooring for its resistance, durability and safety.

Now that renovation projects are resuming and new construction projects are being started, a new requirement has arisen in terms of health and safety in the home. These qualities were essential for users before but have now become imperative in the new normal.

Maximum safety with Small Size 20MM

Besides needing a paving material that can withstand various atmospheric factors, outdoor spaces need to guarantee safety for users by providing maximum grip when dry and wet.

In this regard, the surface of all Small Size 20MM pieces - including the special pieces for swimming pools, such as the ceramic grilles and edges - has been studied to offer optimum non-slip resistance.

Certified as CLASS 3, the highest level of anti-slip, all Small Size 20MM collections guarantee 100% user safety in anyoutdoor floor, offering an Rd> 45 and an index greater than R11 on ramp

Safe Terraces and Pools from the Hand of the Best Non-slip Outdoor Pavement

Furthermore, their strong resistance to any breakage and dilation caused by changes in temperature provides total safety because the pieces remain unchanged over time, maintaining their technical and aesthetic properties intact. The combination of all these technical features makes Small Size 20MM the safest outdoor paving material.

The most hygienic and sustainable outdoor paving material

Another of the essential qualities of this swimming pool flooring and terraces is their level of hygiene. Small Size 20MM porcelain tile has practically zero porosity, obtaining a hygienic surface that does not absorb stains and prevents the appearance of mold, bacteria and fungi.

Safe Terraces and Pools from the Hand of the Best Non-slip Outdoor Pavement

These properties are indispensable in wet areas, such as swimming pools, where outdoor paving materials also need to be easy to clean and maintain.

Thanks to the fact that the Small Size 20MM surface is vitrified at more than 1200º, the pieces do not absorb stains or dirt, a quality that enhances the hygiene of porcelain tiles and facilitates their cleaning.

outdoor flooring pools

Similarly, the most suitable flooring for swimming pools and terraces should always be cleanable with water alone but also capable of withstanding any other cleaning product - including acids and disinfectants - when users or businesses need to undertake more in-depth cleaning procedures.

Safe Terraces and Pools from the Hand of the Best Non-slip Outdoor Pavement

Small Size 20MM is not only capable of providing all these technical features, but also complements them through its sustainable nature. An inert, recyclable and reusable material that does not contain volatile organic compounds, so the choice Small Size for paving pools, terraces and outdoor areas is synonymous with health, as it keeps the air clean and healthy.

If you would like to discover all the possibilities offered by Small Size 20MM for your new terrace or swimming pool project, do not hesitate to visit our website.