Non-slip flooring and floors

Ideal for garage ramps, parking lots and vehicle entrances

The floors for garages, car entrances and high traffic parking lots require high technical performance difficult to find in conventional pavements.

The harsh conditions to which they will be subjected, require a type of pavement with high resistance and specific properties that do not condition its use and durability.

Among the essential characteristics that this type of soil must have, we can find:

  • High resistance to road traffic.
  • Support the weight of all types of vehicles and machinery.
  • Heat resistance.
  • Resistance to stains, abrasive liquids and oils.
  • Anti-slip properties

All these characteristics are combined by the high-resistance technical slip pavements of Small Size, with excellent results after their application in this type of flooring with special technical needs.

It is not necessary to have a specific surface for the placement of this new high performance porcelain floor, it is enough that it is stable and flat since these high thickness tiles are easily fixed to the surface.

When choosing the type of tiles to pave this type of flooring, we must take into account the needs of the project as these may vary according to the use that will be given. Next, we will list some examples.

Non-slip flooring for garages

Public outdoor parking where high road traffic and especially inclined surfaces, such as garage ramps, require high non-slip performance as well as maximum fixation. The high thickness of Small Size flooring gives the best result in terms of durability and strength.

Private indoor garage, where not only vehicles are stored but it is also customary to convert it into a multipurpose space. It is necessary that the floor is easy to clean and offers high aesthetic characteristics that give continuity to the design of the house.

Small Size flooring is very versatile, not only for its technical quality but also for its design. These are unalterable over time, resistant to sunlight, ice, have a high resistance to bending, breaking, are non-slip and require little maintenance.

If you are looking for the best floor for ramp tickets, garages or parking lots, Small Size is undoubtedly the best option. You will get a clean, durable space with a very modern design.