All SMALL SIZE 20 mm collections are ideal for indoor and outdoor use.... big dreams and big projects come true with SMALL SIZE.

SMALL SIZE 20 mm offers the possibility of covering any outdoor space with a very pleasant aesthetic without having to give up magnificent technical features. The specific characteristics of SMALL SIZE 20 mm allow the material to be perfectly integrated into the environment, offering the possibility of creating simple and efficient paths, sidewalks, open-air paths, etc.

The high thickness of SMALL SIZE 20 mm guarantees a considerable resistance, which makes this type of material the most suitable for public areas, both interior and exterior. SMALL SIZE 20 mm can be installed on a wide variety of surfaces.

To maintain and increase the performance of your SMALL SIZE 20 mm porcelain, we recommend that you carefully follow the installation instructions for each location where you want to install your flooring.


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• The substrate or lower area must be suitable and prepared in advance for the intended use of SMALL SIZE 20 mm flooring (whatever format or combination of formats). In particular, when heavy loads and/or road traffic are expected to pass, prepare by casting 20 cm of concrete on 8-10 cm of gravel.

• It is necessary to foresee the installation of joints. Ceramic pavements are subjected to stresses caused by differential movements between the support and the material. All of this can cause a loss of adhesion, buckling and cracks that are avoided by incorporating joints between the tiles that prevent the transmission of system stresses.

In addition to this technical function, the tile-to-tile joint plays an aesthetic role by providing a decorative weft effect that can be attenuated or accentuated by its width, colouring and finish.

It is absolutely necessary to use tile-to-tile joints or separation between pieces (we recommend leaving at least 3 mm in interiors and 5 mm in exteriors), the use of expansion joints, especially in the case of large surfaces (every 16-32 m2). We recommend the use of structural joints in the building or area to be covered and the use of a separation between columns and walls (perimeter joint). All this to prevent the transmission of system stresses.


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• It is the most suitable system for paving with vehicle traffic (access roads, paths, ramps, garages and parking areas). This system is the most common in any case. It consists of gluing or double gluing with an adhesive or cement glue of the SMALL SIZE 20 mm pieces.

• It is recommended to always use a suitable joint (minimum 3 mm), using crossarms or spacers. In large surfaces, as described above, use other types of joints.

• The installation criteria must comply with the intended use of flooring.

• The installation can be carried out both with improved cementitious adhesives (Class C2S2 according to EN12004) and with other similar ones. In the case of tile installation with adhesives, the surface must be perfectly flat and prepared for good anchoring of the porcelain.

• For the choice of adhesive and for its application, we recommend the use of products from the manufacturer Kerakoll, whose information is available at .

• Install the pieces by taking them from several boxes at the same time to mix them and unify the general tone.


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• It is advisable to protect the SMALL SIZE 20 mm floor, once it is perfectly clean and dry, using special plastics or PVCs to avoid damaging the floor during finishing work.

• Our flooring does not need daily maintenance or special requirements, the material is easy to clean and does not require special precautions.

• The methods and frequency of cleaning must be those indicated for the intended use of the floor and the extent of the surface.

• For effective maintenance we recommend:

- Do not leave dirt or stains on the floor too long.

- Always use detergents. The choice of the type of detergent depends on the intended use and the type of dirt. Under normal conditions of use, a neutral or alkaline detergent. Bleach or disinfectants may be used.

- Rinse with plenty of clean water.


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• Extend about 3-4 square meters of SMALL SIZE 20 mm material on the floor, taking the tiles from different boxes, verify that they comply with what was agreed at the time of placing your order.

• Supervise that the boxes of the tones, model and colour are the same. This information is in each box.

• Please note that no claims are accepted under any circumstances on material already installed and / or without its original packaging.



• For the use of coloured joints or sealants, we recommend that you strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions for use. We suggest the use of Kerakoll products whose information can be found at .
• In any case, special attention should always be paid when using joints whose colour contrasts with the flooring (light coloured flooring and dark coloured sealers such as: black, blue, red). In these cases, it is advisable to first test some parts before installation.
• We disclaim all responsibility for parts stained with joints and/or coloured sealers, if not applied correctly according to the manufacturer's recommendations in each situation.

It is essential that before grouting SMALL SIZE 20mm products, a series of measures must be taken to ensure a good final result. Allow sufficient time to ensure that the adhesive hardens properly, recommending a minimum of 24 hours to prevent further deterioration of the flooring.

• The joints should be cleaned in all their extension and depth in a uniform way to receive the grout material. The application temperature will be between 5º and 30º avoiding the application in conditions of low humidity, rain, strong wind or direct insolation.


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• After applying SMALL SIZE 20mm and sealing the joints, it is necessary to wash the pavement well and remove the lime cement residues from the grout.

• It is necessary to wash a few square metres at a time, using a descaling detergent based on hydrochloric-phosphoric acid or similar, suitably diluted in water.

• Finally, rinse several times with clean water, changing the water usually every three or four uses.


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• Extraordinary maintenance is required if the ordinary maintenance is not carried out correctly or in the case of accidents that have caused stains and/or dirt due to particular substances on any SMALL SIZE 20 mm product.

• In these cases it is necessary to use professional detergents specific to the type of dirt or existing stains. To remove them, the best results are often obtained when combined with the use of floor cleaning machines.
• During the occasional use of concentrated chemical products for extraordinary cleaning it is necessary to pay the utmost attention, scrupulously and precisely following the instructions given by the manufacturers of these cleaning products. SMALL SIZE 20 mm is exempt from any liability for damage to property and/or persons due to improper use of detergents and chemicals.

• The above assessment and advice is intended exclusively for qualified professionals and installers in the sector. These recommendations are determined by our experience, should be considered purely indicative and, in any case, are outside our direct responsibilities. If you have any questions, please contact: .


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