Porcelain floors for parks with high traffic

Pavements for public parks, a porcelain for maximum safety and resistance

In urban centers, the absence of natural spaces has led to an increase in the influx of public parks. These have become areas where people can isolate themselves from the noise of the city and its high traffic, being able to enjoy a natural environment within the city.

In urban planning, the design of parks and gardens is one of the priorities when it comes to providing urban centers with green spaces. Therefore, public parks must be designed with the aim of providing citizens with the best accessibility, removing architectural barriers and turning them into spaces where everyone can use them with maximum security.

Today, public parks are designed to house a multitude of activities such as:

  • Children's parks.
  • Sports areas
  • Spaces for cultural events.
  • Recreational areas for walking or cycling.

All of them require infrastructures with different technical requirements and, the choice of a good pavement for each area is one of the most important decisions when creating more accessible spaces, free of architectural barriers and with high technical safety features, guaranteeing thus the comfort and safety of movement for all people.

The sliding floors, steps, tiles with reliefs, or large slopes, make elderly people because of their physical condition, baby carriages or people with reduced mobility, find real obstacles to enjoy these leisure areas with all the security guarantees.

High traffic technical porcelain floors for outdoor use

In Small Size we find the solution for the design of these landscaped spaces with a high pedestrian traffic. Thanks to our high resistance porcelain floors for parks, all the requirements of this type of projects are achieved thanks to the technical characteristics of our pavements:

  • High durability, able to withstand the weather and the harshest environmental conditions.
  • Modern designs that help create spaces according to the latest trends.
  • Non-slip properties, an essential characteristic for any architectural project of a public nature.
  • Minimum maintenance that guarantees ease of cleaning in all public spaces.

These outdoor tiles are the solution to improve, not only the aesthetics of green areas, but also streets, squares and all kinds of public spaces, ensuring a non-slip surface, either dry or wet, thanks to the low porosity of the pieces , facilitating drainage and avoiding the accumulation of water.

With Small Size, not only all the technical characteristics required by public spaces are met, but visual design is also taken care of to balance aesthetics with the natural environment creating beautiful and pleasant spaces.