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Technical Porcelain Floors for Commercial Areas

All the SMALL SIZE 20 mm collections of porcelain floors are ideal to be used in commercial areas both indoors and outdoors. Big dreams and big projects come true with SMALL SIZE.

SMALL SIZE 20 mm offers the possibility of covering any space for commercial areas with a very pleasant aesthetics without having to give up magnificent technical performance. The specific characteristics of SMALL SIZE 20 mm allow porcelain flooring to be perfectly integrated in commercial areas, providing the possibility of creating paths, sidewalks, outdoor lanes, etc. in a simple and effective way.

The high thickness of SMALL SIZE 20 mm guarantees a considerable resistance, which makes this type of material the most suitable for public areas, both interior and exterior. SMALL SIZE 20 mm can be installed on a wide variety of surfaces.

To maintain and increase the performance of your SMALL SIZE 20 mm porcelain, we recommend that you carefully follow the installation instructions for each location where you want to install your flooring.